Pagan - (to) the Black Star CD

8 tracks filled by the evil atmosphere. It's totally presence of the sword from the side of nonexistence which leads the listener to the gate of transcendentality.


Trident - Hatechild CD

Psychedelic Industrial Metal from Ulan-Ude (ex - Contr Act). The guitar industrial riffs are sounding as mix of thrash metal with speed-core. The album was recorded during one week before the Iron Marsh - 8 festival (summer '95), which they did started. The cover art was done by Ash (ex - Deathonator).


Konsul - Night Riders CD

One of the underrated Russian heavy metal bands of the early 80's. For the first time on CD the classic fighters of his undying energy. 9 tracks of 100 percent Heavy Metal classics from the '80s.


Contr Act - Warriors of Rock CD

Contr Act was Russian Heavy Metal band from Ulan-Ude. The band was based on traditions of classic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. This is brilliant and underrated album of the USSR' times, when the metal music was unique and original. 9 melodic and atmospheric songs with high vocals and solos. Lyrics have deal with themes about eternal fight of Good vs. Evil, God, Religion, Death etc. The raw sound of the records sends us back into the atmosphere of 80-th years. 100-percent Russian Heavy Metal classics.


Anti - Anger CD

One from the unknown bands from Hrodna. Raw dirty Thrash Metal from 90's. Recorded at 1995. Originally was founded under the name Antidote in second half of 80-ies, changed to Anti later. The founder of the band is Sergey "Bear" (guitars/vocals). Anti were active on the underground scene of Hrodna. In July, 1995 at local studio were recorded 8 tracks. The band split-up in 1997 year. The recordings were unknown for the mass attention almost 15 years. The stuff was restored from original master-tape in July, 2009.


Pagan - Monument of Depression CD

Black Metal. An evil atmosphere and depressive tunes.


Pagan - Monument of Depression Tape

Pro-done tape, double-sided hand-numbered cover with lyrics and photos.












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